Je m'apelle Shannon.

I’m a notoriously perfectionistic, extraverted, fashion, art and music obsessed girl originating from the fabulous city of Melbourne in Australia. As my preceding comment mentions my blog is my way of indulging in my plethora of interests in the one place.

From the ripe old age of two when I threw temper tantrums if mother wouldn’t put me in the clothes “I” wanted to wear, to my first textiles class in high school, it seems I’ve always had an unrequited love for fashion and design so I wish to use my blog to share with fellow fashion devotees recent designs/creations of mine, outfits, inspiration, experiences and reflections. 

My style tends to be minimalistic with some feminine flair from time to time, as a sewer I appreciate the finer details of clothing; the construction of the garment, quality of finishings… however I’m no stranger to risk taking and love to wear bold colours and prints, I’d always rather be overdressed than underdressed!

So join me on my adventures...

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